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Q: Is the measurement of the heel height on your shoes just the heel or the whole shoe?
A: The measurements that are given for the "heel height" (i.e. 3 1/2", 4", or 5" Heel) is not only the heel, it is the actual height of the shoe (from the bottom of the shoe to the highest point of the shoe). Please refer to image below:


Q: How do I know what width and size to choose?
A: At the bottom of every page there is a Size Chart link. Simply click on the link and you will see a photo of a foot. Just trace around your feet on a piece of paper and measure the width (widest point of your foot) and the length (longest point of your foot) the same way. Please provide us with the measurement in centimeters.

Q: I placed my order several days ago and still haven't received a shipping confirmation Email. What seems to be taking so long to ship my order?
A: All orders placed on shoes4stars.com website will ship within 14-21 business days from ordering date unless the "Rush Order" option is checked on the checkout page. All shoes that are ordered here are custom-made when ordered per your custom specifics such as sizes, widths, heel colors, bottom colors, materials to be used, etc. Please understand that we don't stock the shoes and build your shoes when you order depending on which custom specifics you choose. We are the only website available on the internet to offer these options to basically build your own shoes at lower than retail price. Therefore, we will appreciate your understanding as to why it takes up to 14 days to process and ship orders out.

Q: If I place a rush order, then how soon can you ship my order out to me?
A: Rush orders are normally shipped out within 7-10 business days. In a rare occasion that the order will delay longer than 7-10 business days, we will contact the customer and refund the rush order fee.

Q: What brand name are these shoes?
A: Kris K.

Q: I'm not sure what "width" option I should go with. How do I know what width I need to choose?
A: The answer is actually quite simple. If you normally have a hard time finding the right width shoe because your foot is either too narrow or too wide, then you might consider going with either a narrow, or a wide fit, depending on whether your foot is too narrow or too wide for shoes. Otherwise, we recommend going with a "medium". Since we manufacture these shoes ourselves from scratch, we have made this option available to help those that tend to have problems finding a shoe source where they can order shoes with these custom modifications.

Q: What is your minimum for wholesale ordering?
A: Minimum order for wholesale is at least 12 pairs of each style.

Q: How do I know what size shoe I need?
A: All of our shoes are available in the standard U.S. shoe sizes (5,6,7,8,9, and 10). Note: Our shoes tend to run ¼ of a size big (a size 6 = a size 6¼). We do not make ½ sizes. To relate, you can consider our size 7 shoes as being equal to a European size 7½ or 37.5 shoe. We also offer many of our styles in over-sizes (i.e. lady's size 11-14) at an additional cost.

Q: If I decide to order, how soon will you ship my order?
A: All in stock orders will be processed and shipped out within 24 hours. Please allow up to 14-21 business days for filling of any out of stock orders. Custom shoe orders may take up to 15-30 days, depending on how complicated the shoe design is. Please Email us at info@shoes4stars.com for more information on custom shoe manufacturing.

Q: Can you make custom shoes?
A: Every shoe we make is a Designer Original. That means that we take time in creating each new design by incessantly trying out different color and material schemes for every single line of shoes. Since we have full access to almost any possible material for making shoes, we can create a custom designed shoe to the specific taste and request of the buyer (All custom orders are made according to predetermined specifications and are non-refundable purchases.)

Q: Who manufactures your shoes?
A: All of the shoes seen in this website are 100% HAND MADE in The U.S.A. at KISTOR SHOES factory in california KISTOR SHOES FACTORY uses the finest available raw materials to create every pair of shoes FROM SCRATCH!!! Every single shoe is made by highly skilled shoemakers through a series of processes and each process is done entirely by hand.

Q: I'm an international customer and don't know what U.S. size I should choose from your website. Can you please help?
A: Yes, we have created an international size conversion chart to help you find what U.S. size you need to purchase from our website. Please use the chart below to find out your U.S. shoe CLICK HERE TO SEE THE SIZE CHART

Q: What is 110% Low Price Guarantee
Unbeatable Price Guarantee! If within 30 days from the date of our offer, you show us a lower, currently advertised price from another local store or website with the same item, we will gladly refund 110% of the difference between our price and theirs. Shoes4Stars.com Unbeatable Price Guarantee does not apply to special offers or promotions, including rebates and mail-in offers.